Tuesday 21 October 2014
Matamata Intermediate

Calligraphy Cup 2014

Calligraphy Cup2014


*The Calligraphy Cup isawarded to the student who presents the most outstanding set of exercise books.


*Books presented mustinclude a Literacy Book, a Maths Book, a book with Science notes and one otherbook of student's choice.


*Books need to havestudent name and room number clearly on front cover


*Book sets to be brought to Mrs Stiles at 12:20pm on 24th October



1.   Only handwritten work is considered. Digital work isnot eligible

2.   Graffiti free covers and pages

3.   Pages without dog ears

4.   Work dated and ruled off

5.   Writing showing: consistency of size, letterformation and slope

6.   Linking is not necessary but can be present ifit is in the students natural writing style

7.   Mistakes are ruled through with one neat line

Good luck - this is your chance to show how carefully you have been presenting your work all year.

College Option FormsRemember there are 1000 house points for the first class with all their college option forms returned to Mrs Stiles ( not the Office)
Second to return will get 500 points and third will get 300 points.

The points will be given to each class that returns them on the day points for that position are awarded.

Can any class beat R13?
Health IssuesThere is a vomiting and tummy bug bug going around, Matamata Primary was affected yesterday.  Please be extra vigilant by washing your hands thoroughly with soap and sing Happy Birthday also. Extra hand washing throughout the day helps also.  
Prize Giving CupsThe following students have prize giving cups that need to be returned tomorrow as we are needing to get them ready for our 2014 prize giving. Please make sure you bring them to school as they were requested several time last term.

Jorja Taylor R5
Haydn Muter R1
David Hancock R1
Nico Concha-Vargas R1
Nikisha Todd R10
Maggie Leaver R10
Benedict Hardie R13
Te Aorere Wharawhara R13
Morgan Norris or Emily Nowell R9
Hannah Jacobson R9
Ronan Fitch R7
Phyliss Tuhakaraina R12
Charm Timoko R12

Could these students please bring the cups back your siblings have. This will save Mrs Stiles having to phone for them and would be very much appreciated.
Dante Gaensicke R7
Henry Brown R3
Moana Mitchell R10
Dom Smistra R8
Tapuni Mauroa R13

Scholastic Book clubToday is the last day for Bookclub orders.  Please hand all orders and money in to Mrs McLennan no later than 10.30 this morning

Waharoa BusEvery student who travels on the Waharoa bus MUST come to the hall at the beginning of interval this morning. Please come straight away. The roll will be marked

College TouchThe second round of games is today at 5pm. Remember the correct colour tshirt. You need to be there at 4:50 and find the correct field. Please remember to show the 3C's, include all of your team and thanks the umpires after your game. The draw is also up on Room 13 window.

The games are as follows:


Field 4

MIS Pink


Field 5

MIS Black

MIS Blue

Field 6

MIS Yellow

MIS White

Field 7

MIS Green

MCS Extreme

Softball   Trails continue at lunchtime today please.