Monday 27 June 2016
Matamata Intermediate

40 Hour FamineIf you still have a famine book it is now 1 week overdue. If you have lost it, please bring a note from home explaining what has happened. 
If you read this before school, and you still have a book (and/or money) to hand in please come to Mrs Stiles' office window to let her know when it will be at school.
A Message for this Week
Do you show this kind of acceptance towards all other students?

Aims netball team Could everyone in the Aims netball team please meet Mrs Currie,  in the hall, before school - if you read this notice please let the others know. It is really important you are all there. Thanks.
CROSS COUNTRYThere will be no cross country training this afternoon.
Ashley Cox R10 at 10

Sarai Gold R12 at 11.45
Field ClosedThe field is closed today. All other grass areas are also out of bounds. Please keep on the paths, turf, playground or the court areas only.
laptopslaptop no 5 is missing from the library cow. Please check yours carefully it does not have a C in the label.  All monitors have to check in with Mrs McLennan before they take any laptops away.
-A bell will ring a 12.30 for formal assembly so help us get started on time, so we can finish on time. 
This is a formal assembly so we all need to be in full uniform, including shoes please.
Public Speaking Opportunities
Our Prose Reading Competition will be held on 5th August - just 4 school weeks away.

If you would like to enter this competition and would like some coaching, Mrs McLennan is holding a session in the library on Tuesday and Friday this week at lunchtime. She will run another session, next week on Tuesday lunchtime. 


J      Shoes: Plain black leather type school shoes able to take a shine

J      Socks: long white socks for girls, school grey socks for boys- kept up.

J      Thermals or tee shirts: white for girls, grey for boys or blue with CCC shirt

J      School jersey and jacket only both in and out of school

J      Hair: only natural colours and no extreme hair cuts or styles

J      Hair accessories: blue, yellow, black, white

J      Finger and toe nails: free of nail polish

J      Skins: not visible under uniform or PE gear

J      Jewellery: only one stud, sleeper or small plain earring in each ear, plain wrist watch,crucifix, bone carvings, taonga worn around neck  without being visible


*Socks only inside - outside bare feet or shoes 

*PE gear - no thermals/skins visible

*Full uniform to go home. Correct PE gear with school jerseyor jacket worn only if going to college and staying there for training, or goingstraight to netball or soccer where there are no changing facilities attraining time. Full uniform worn if going down town first.

*School is a gum free area.

AIMS Cross CountryTraining today from 3:20pm until 4pm. Please meet on the netball courts in your P.E. gear and shoes. 
Inter Intermediate BasketballPlease be at school tomorrow at 7:50. You will be leaving at 8am. 
You need to wear your PE shorts, numbered tshirt and jacket that you were given, and sneakers (NO MUFTI)
Please bring another tshirt as you need to give your tshirt and jacket to Mrs Mac before you go home
You should be back by 3pm but depends on if you make the finals. Make sure you know what you will be doing after school or who to contact