Monday 29 August 2016
Matamata Intermediate

A Message for this Week   Are you going to be a winner?

     Perseverance 3.PNG
Assembly 12:30pm TodayWe have so much to celebrate at assembly today we would like classes to come to the hall ready for a 12:30 start.


Dental appointments for today for the following students are:


9:30am Logan Luxford Rm7

9:45am Jordan Klenner Rm12

10:45am Matthew Hendrikse Rm6

11:15am Te Moananui De Thierry Rm10

11:15am Cody Ryan Rm6

11:45am Luc McRae Rm10

12 noon Yogilta Chand Rm4

1:45pm Jasmine Brough Rm4

2:15pm Neil Lal Rm7

2:30pm Tyrin McInnes Rm8, mum coming

RAK NominationsWho will be eating a RAK special lunch this week? It could be you!

                                           RAK lunch.png

AIMS Cross CountryTraining today with Mr Old at 3:20. Meet at the school netball courts in your P.E. gear and running shoes.
AIMS Cross Country1km training today. Meet at the end of the field straight after lunch eating. 
Return your notice to R5 asap.
AIMS Cross CountryThe following people have not yet paid their $25 to the office. Please pay asap.
Khan, Mollie, Georgia, Chantel, Casey, Conor Goodwin, Ericka, Greer.
Multi-Sport Friday
Friday Training - McLaren Falls
Please advise me asap if you are coming to MBT training this week, so that I can organise transport with bike racks.
Katie please come and see me, asap. Mrs M
Teachers: This is our last in school training before the AIMS Games. Thank you very much for your support.